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To be emailed immediately with any new or updated Rans service bulletins then please register by sending an email to sales@skycraft.ltd
AA168 - S19 Hinge Material
AA169 - S19 Fuel Tank Inspection
AA170 - S19 Fiberglass Resin and Windshield
AA171 - S19 Main Wheel Brake Line Failure with Wheel Pant Installation
AA172 - Incorrect shipping of AAPQ-44 rivets - Oct 1, 2009 thru Dec 15, 2010
AD100 - S-12 U-Bracket SU-218
AD101 - S-14 U-Bracket SU-218
AD102 - S-6ES 116 Wing Jury Struts
AD103 - S-7 582 Engine Mount
AD104 - S-9 Chaos & S-10 Sakota Aft Strut Material
AD105 - S-6ES, S-12, S-14 Shipped after 6/20/92 Bellcrank Gusset
AD106 - S-12 Shipped Before 1/1/91 S-12 Tailboom Extension
AD107 - S-7 0294128, 0294130, 0792096 S-7 Courier Seat
AD108 - S-7 Courier with Tubular Landing Gear & S-6 Coyote II Gear Leg Solid Doubler
AD109 - S-12XL Airaile Nose Gear
AD110 - S-4/5 Rudder Spar
AD112 - All S-6 Taildraggers Taildragger Cages
AD113 - S-4 Coyote I (Taildraggers) 2-3 Longeron/Main Gear Brace Attach Point
AD114 - S-6ES, S-6S, S-6XL, S-6SXL Coyote II Skylight
AD115 - S-12, S-6 Aircraft with Dual Hydraulic Brake Setup (4 Master Cylinders) Hegar Master Brake Cylinders
AD116 - S-12 912 Muffler Inspection
AD117 - S-17 Anti-Deflection Pulleys
AD118 - S-16 Shekari Wing Spar Modification
AD119 - S-16 Shekari 1. Limit Load Factors, 2. Never Exceed Speed, 3. Spin Approval, 4. Taildragger Configuration
AD120 - S-6S & S-6SXL Coyote II Note: Applies to "Curved" Longeron Tailcones ONLY Elevator Yoke Exit
AD121 - S-7 Courier Control Stick Stop Ring
AD122 - 912 UL/912ULS Oil Pressure Sender and Oil Pressure Switch
AD123 - S-12S Flow Fence
AD124 - S-7 Trim Tab Flutter
AD125 - S-7 Static Balance
AD126 - S-6 Engine Mount for ROTAX 912 Engines
AD127 - S-7 Manufactured before 1999 Trim Tab Flutter
AD128 - S-6, S-7, All S-12, S-14, S-17, S-18 Aileron Push Pull Tubes / Rear Lift Struts with Adjustable Lower End
AD129 - S-12, S-12S, S-12XL, S-14 with Rotax 912/ULS Engine Torsion Strut Bolt & Coolant Socket Interference
AD130 - S-6 Coyote II - Improved Tail Spring Mount & Steer Horns
AD131 - S-12 Airaile Tail Boom
AD132 - S4/5, S-9, S-10 Control Stick
AD133_A - S-14 Airaile S-14 Tail Boom
AD134 - S-6ES, S-6S, S-7, S-7S, S-7LS, S-16, S-17, S-18 Tail Spring Breakage
AD135 - S-4, S-5, S-6ES, S-6S, S-7, S-9, S-10, S-12XL, S-12S, S-14, S-16, S-17, S-18 CAB-TANG Failure - remove the aircraft from service until it is possible to replace the cable assembly.
AD136 - All RANS aircraft with ROTAX 912 engines equipped with an oil pressure switch for hour meter Hour meter oil pressure switch leak
AD137 - S-6 with Nose Gear - Nose Gear Strut Inspection
OA149 - S-6S, S-6SXL, S-6ES, S-6XL, S-7, S-9, S-10 with Rotax 912ULS Engine Two-blade Warp Drive propellers on 100 HP 912ULS's
OA155 - All S-16 Canopy Pins Moving Out of Position
OA156 - S18 Inspect IVO 3-Blade Propeller on 3:1 Gear Box
OA158 - S-6 and S-16 Trike Nose Gear Disconnect & Shimmy Damper
OA159 - S-12, S-12XL, S-12S, S-14, S-18 Installation of Slip Joint Springless Type Muffler
OA160 - S-7S, S-9, S-10 Fuel Cap Vent Hole
OA161 - S-16 Shekari Reinforced Nose Gear Fork & Inspection
OA162 - S-7LS and S-7S Aileron Link Cables and Turnbuckle
OA167 - All models except S-7S, S-7LS, S-16 and S-19 1/4" Blue Fuel Line (FS-FL) and 1/8" Blue Primer Line (PRIMER LINE)
OA168 - All Models Fuel Filter, (RANS P/N FS-FIL)

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