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Rans aircraft offer a wide choice of airframes and engine combinations to suit the homebuilder, all backed with dedicated after sales support and spares stockholdings.

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Select a RANS image below for more detailed information:-
The new super Rans S19, an all metal 2 seater at a price you can afford.
The Rans S6ES is the super microlight pilots choice with the area 1 wing, trike or tailwheel, easy to build and fly with 450kg mauw with a choice of the Rotax 582 or 912 engines. Folding wing and tail as standard. Also available as a group A version with the performance 116 wing.
The design goal of the S-6S was to create a fast build kit plane with traditional aircraft fabric covering. The basic airframe is based off the successful S-6ES. In the tradition of the ES series most parts are preformed and pre-finished. Typically on fabric planes, the inside is painted or covered with fabric. Many hours of tedious labour is saved with the use of a molded interior kit. Final assembly can begin once inventory and inspection is complete. Only the outside of the plane and the instrument panel require painting.
The S7S, a superb tandem seated taildragger , using conventional fabric finishing techniques for that personalosed finish. A superb strip touring aircraft you would be proud to own.
S12XL with panoramic views as standard.

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