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+44 (0)1406 540 777

Brighton Best International

Brighton Best International has been an industry leader in commercial and industrial fasteners for over 45 years. They provide a wide variety of fasteners including:

Carriage bolts
Construction screws
Dowel pins
Flat washers
Gr 2,5,8 Hex Cap Screws
Hex nuts
L9 Fasteners
Lag Bolts
Set screws
Socket head cap screws
Shoulder screws
Structural bolts
Threaded rod
And more!

All of these products are available in imperial and metric bolt sizes as well as a variety of RoHS compliant materials and coatings.

Skycraft is a proud distributor for Brighton Best International, contact us today with your requirements or view the brochure below.
Brighton Best Brochure Please Note our telephone number has changed since this Brochure went to print. Our number is 01406 540777