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Franklin 4AC-150 Engine (A/R)

Franklin 4AC-150 Engine (A/R)

Ref: 4AC-150

Franklin 4AC-150 engine complete as removed from a Flitfire Cub in 2001

Its complete as removed incl carb and mags. This engine does NOT support a mechanical fuel pump, and does NOT have electric start.

The log book shows 118 hours completed between 1992 and 2001. There is a statement in the front of the logbook by the LAA inspector showing 1450 hours carried forwards from American log book, 77 run since topend overhaul. This then calculates 1568 hour total time.

The steel exhaust pipes are available, but one requires repair due to corosion.

Price: 1,000.00 (1,200.00 Including VAT at 20%)