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Jabiru J160 Amateur-Built Kitplane

The Jabiru J160 aircraft has been developed as a trainer aircraft that is bigger all round. It has a wider cockpit higher cabin and more leg room.


Conventional configuration
Designed to JAR –VLA European Airworthiness Standard
High-winged, strut-braced monoplane with wing flaps, mass balanced elevator and in-flight adjustable trim.
Cruise Speed @ 3050 rpm 100 knots
Range (nil reserve) – 1030 nautical miles
4 stroke JABIRU 2200 cc engine designed specifically for the Jabiru aircraft.
Gentle and predictable stall characteristics, together with light and responsive controls, make JABIRU a true sport aircraft.
Stall speed with flaps at Gross Weight 45 KIAS
Fully enclosed, ergonomically designed cabin with 2 doors providing ease of entry and low noise levels.
Excellent visibility
Side-by side fixed seating with centre controls and panel mounted throttles. Ideal for training or recreation.
Tricycle undercarriage with steerable nosewheel and hand operated in line hydraulic disc brakes makes ground handling a breeze.
Excellent cross wind handling performance – 14 knots
All composite construction removes the corrosion problem.
Wing and power loadings provide high performance and handling, particularly in turbulence.
Comfortable seating with easily removed covers.
Designed for minimum maintenance. Upper and lower cowls easily removed.
Auxiliary electronic fuel pump for ease of starting and added security in flight.
All the engine management features of conventional GA light aircraft: Carburettor Air Heat, Dual Ignition, Pressure Compensating Carburettor – no mixture control !
Jabiru fixed pitch wooden propeller with composite cover and urethane leading edge
Avionics include VHF Transceiver, PM1000 Intercom, optional headsets optional Transponder Altitude Encoder optional
Instrument Panels see: Instrument Panels
Tinted Windscreen
Steerable Nose Wheel
Electrically operated flaps
Cast aluminium 500 x 6 wheels and 6 ply tyres with spats
Optional fully upholstered cockpit
Optional cabin Heater
Optional choice of decals and registration numbers (from the standard range)
135 litre fuel tanks (wing tanks & header tanks)
Optional adjustable foot pedals to cater for pilots who have difficulties reaching the pedals
Optional tool kit

Download Pricing and Options Form for Kit Built Models
Jabiru J160 Amateur-Built Kitplane Image
Jabiru J160 Amateur-Built Kitplane Spec