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Jabiru Family
Jabiru J160 Kit - No Longer Available
Jabiru J160 Kit - No Longer Available
Jabiru Aircraft Kits

The Kit
The Jabiru kit comes complete with everything except paint, upholstery, and headsets. It includes VFR instruments and even a battery. The kit build time is typically 600 hours from start to finish. Everything has been thought of right down to resin mixing cups, mixing sticks, applicators and brushes.

The Finish
Many composite kit manufacturers supply components “green” requiring substantial finishing and pinhole filing. The Jabiru components all come in white gelcoat or primed finish thus reducing completion times and frustration.

The Fuselage
The fuselage is provided with the two halves (top and bottom) already joined for you. Most of the home builder’s work involves fitting out the aircraft with components and hardware supplied. All locating points are identified by factory drilled holes & hard points are factory installed for you. Your job is to fit the horizontal stabilizer and vertical fin.

The Wings
The wings are supplied complete except for the fitment of flap and aileron attachments and hooking up fuel system. They are also Gelcoated out of the mould.

The Undercarriage
The undercarriage systems consists of 500 x 6 on the mains and 500 x 6 on the nose. Spats are also included.

The Manual
Detailed constructors manual can be downloaded from the Jabiru Manuals page. It sets out the step-by-step procedures, checklists, engineering drawings and includes more than 100 photographs.

Amateur Built / Experimental Aircraft Kits are available in the following models:

Jabiru J160
The Jabiru J160 aircraft has been developed as a new trainer aircraft that is bigger all round. It has a wider cockpit higher cabin and more leg room.

Jabiru J170
The Jabiru J170 has the same fuselage as the J160 but it has longer wings and winglets to reduce the stall speed to meet the US Sports Plane category and the Canadian Transport Advanced Ultralight Standards.

Jabiru J230 & J430
The Jabiru J230 and the Jabiru J430 aircraft have been developed as touring aircraft. They have a wide cockpit, high cabin and ample leg room. The Jabiru J230 has a big baggage compartment in the back whereas the Jabiru J430 has 2 rear seats.