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Sauer S2400UL Engine (A/R)

Sauer S2400UL Engine (A/R)

Ref: S2400UL

S/N 455
Logbook: Yes, from 0 hours.
TTSN: 41
Carb: Bing.

Starter: Valeo electric start.

Ignition: Magneto & solid state electric.

Lubrication: Oil cooler fitted, cartridge oil filter (MANN W77).

Complete as removed in as new condition. Light prop damage (2" off carbon blade prop tip).

Complete with MGL stratomaster velocity engine management with all senders. C/W maintenance/inspection manual.

P/X considered, advise S/N and hours.

Available for immediate dispatch.

Price: 4,860.00 (5,832.00 Including VAT at 20%)