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Spotters Corner

We regret that we are unable to accept visitors to site for the purpose of aircraft spotting.

However we encourage the spotting enthusiast so we are pleased to publish a list of aircraft that are currently in the Skycraft hangar and workshops

G-OBAXThruster T600N 450Breaking For Spares
G-DOTWSavannah VG JabiruBreaking For Spares
G-BRCAJodel D112Breaking For Spares
G-AZCPBeagle B121 Series 1Breaking For Spares
G-CCTE Wing OnlyBanbi MCR-01Skycraft Workshops
G-CDLLBanbi MCR-01 ULCSkycraft Workshops
G-CGHTBanbi MCR-01Skycraft Workshops
G-WHENTecnam P92-EM EchoSkycraft Workshops
G-OJDAAcrosport 2In Use From EGCL
G-ROYCJabiru UL 450At EGCL
G-CCGGJabiru J430At EGCL
G-BRIKNipper T.66 RA45 Series 3At EGCL

Spotters corner was last updated on 18th June 2021.