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Leburg Dual Ignition Kit for VW Aero

Leburg Dual Ignition Kit for VW Aero


Complete electronic ignition kit for VW aero engines. Replaces mags and gives easy hand prop starting.

Comes with:-

2 x Electronic Ignition modules
2 x Power / Alarm / Tacho Drive looms
2 x Lightweight Visteon Type Coils
2 x EI to Ford Coil Wiring Looms
2 x Ignition Pick Ups
2 x Pick Up Clamps for VW Engine
1 x Rotor plate
2 x Neodium Magnets
1 x JB Weld
1 x Installation Manual

Total weight of kit is 2kg

Is not supplied with Ignition Leads - Visit your local motor factor with lead lengths required.

Price: 770.20 (924.24 Including VAT at 20%)