EAA Acrosport 2 G-OJDA

Built by Dave Almey in the Skycraft workshops and first flew in May 1999. At its first showing at the PFA Rally at Cranfield it won the Best plans built and the Pilot Concours de Elegance Trophies. Later in 1999 won at the RSA rally at Epinal and was also presented with the Acrosport International Grand Champion from Air Venture Oshkosh 1999 . G-DA later also won prizes at Finmere, Tatenhill & East Fortune.

This aircraft is powered by a Lycoming 0-360-A4A, zero timed by Dukeries, converted to fuel injection with Bendix fuel injection equipment and fitted with a Christian inverted oil system. The prop is a Sensenich wooded 76 x 56 and gives a good compromise between climb (1500fpm) an cruise (110 kts) both at 2450 rpm. The aircraft is fitted with a one piece canopy which slides back and then tilts sideways. The canopy assembly was designed and built by Dave. Since first flight the aircraft has completed over 400 hours with several overseas trips so far.

Onboard equipment includes: HB2 760 comm with VOR and ILS, King KT76c transponder with mode C, Sky force colour map, ASI (2), vertical card compass (2), Elliott 57 mm Altimeter (2), VSI (2), slip (2), 57mm Artificial horizon, 57mm Accelerometer(2), tacho, Clock, Amps, Volts, Oil P&T, CHT, EGT, Fuel contents & pressure.

Skycraft have an on going interest in Acrosport aircraft assisting with three other project builds and one restoration. G-OJDA was entirely built, covered and painted in the Skycraft workshops over a period of 2 1/2 years. The wing leading edges are constructed in GRP with epoxy resin. Three more sets of leading edges have been produced for other Acrosports. The 4130N steel tube was cut and welded by Dave, a CAA approved welder. Fabric used was Diatex 1000HT on the wings and 1500 on the fuselage. Sky-tech two pack polyurethane paint used over Sky-tech dopes.



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