Customer Reviews


With regards to this order I would just like to pass on my sincere thanks for a well executed shipment and for the intelligence in the sender for realising that I'd selected some wrong items and putting the right ones in.

Many thanks for this which allowed me to proceed with my front wheel strut refurbishment without further delay.

Regards, Victor



I discovered an exhaust leak yesterday afternoon and then found I had missed your order cut off time for the Easter break.

I just want to say a big thank you for going "above and beyond" and processing this small but vital request this morning. I will be ready for my LAA inspector after the holiday now.

Happy Easter!

Best Regards, Steve


Good morning.

The Leburg ignition is distributed by Skycraft in GB. Last September I inquired about the ignition and then I tried to order it in November. At the time I was told that there was no stock and that they had no idea when they would have inventory again.

I was put on the wait list and was told that they expected an April delivery. The communication with Skycraft was great! E-mails were answered by the next business day. In March Skycraft was offering me a substantial discount for paying by bank wire.

Taking the communications with Skycraft into consideration I decided to take a chance with the bank wire (Something I would never do with GreatPlains).
At the end of April, Skycraft informed me that delivery had been delayed and that I should expect delivery by June.

In the middle of May they sent me an email that my order was ready.
I was gone from home for a week and didn't want to chance having the package sit on my porch so I asked Skycraft to delay shipment for a few days.The package was picked up from Skycraft May 30th and it arrived at my house June 1st.

I had wondered about customs and what I needed to do but it just arrived, having cleared customs while in transit.

Overall, the buying experience with Skycraft was GREAT!