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Jabiru Agents
Airframe Construction Manual

In these Manuals you will find all the instructions that you will need to build your very own Jabiru, one step or task at a time. Each task in these Manuals stands alone, with the intention that each task will be completed before you move on to the next task. There are many good reasons for this approach: you can easily keep track of where you are in the build; it forms a checklist to ensure that nothing gets overlooked; and in many cases a task will be dependant on the completion of a previous task and if the sequence shown in the Table of Contentsis followed there will be no issues of this kind.

The Table of Contents of this Manual is also the Build Sequence.

The Constructors Manual is being written and updated on a continuous basis and the information on this page will be regularly updated. In all cases the version of each task or Manual is the date in the footer, where the latest date is the current version, so if you have downloaded a task and you want to check if there has been an update just check the date in the footer.

There are 6 model-specific Constructors Manuals listed below. They are reasonably large (~25MB) .pdf files that have been optimised for fast web viewing: click on them to view or download. Each Manual has a linked Table of Contents (ToC): click on any heading in the ToC to go directly to that task – this is a standard navigation feature in pdf files

Model identification for the individual files: “J100” denotes J160 and J170, “J2400” denotes J230, J250, J430 and J450. “J2430” denotes J230 and J430, “J2450” denotes J250 and J450 and so on. “JALL” denotes all “J” series aircraft.

Regardless of which tasks you choose to view, we recommend that you start by reading the General Introduction before proceeding to the individual tasks. This contains important information and should be read thoroughly before and during your build.