Jabiru Service Bulletins


To be emailed immediately with any new or updated Jabiru service bulletins then please register by sending an email with these details to info@skycraft.ltd.

JSB001-1 Revised Jabiru Engine TBO’s

JSB002-1 Jabiru J400 Elevator Drive Arm

JSB003-1 Jabiru J400/J200 Door Bolts

JSB004-4 Jabiru Engine Oil Pump/Oil Cooler

JSB005-2 Jabiru 6 Cylinder Engine Muffler

JSB006-1 All Jabiru Aircraft With 1/4 Nose Leg Pivot Bolt

JSB007-1 Main Undercarriage Stub Axle

JSB008-1 Main Undercarriage Bolts

JSB009-2 Alternate Propeller Mount System

JSB010-3 Statement of Compliance to ASTM LSA Standards

JSB011-1 Inner Seat Belt Attachment

JSB012-5 Flywheel Attachment

JSB013-1 Rocker Chamber Vent

JSB014-3 Propeller Installation Maintenance

JSB016-1 Engine Cooling

JSB017-4 Digital Instrument (EFIS and EMS) Maintenance

JSB018-3 Engine Tuning

JSB019-2 Control Surface Clearance

JSB020-1 Aileron Bellcrank Cover

JSB021-1 Configuration Update 1: Jabiru J160-C Aircraft

JSB022-2 Propeller Flange Attachment

JSB023-1 Configuration Update 2: Jabiru J160-C Aircraft

JSB024-1 Fuel Line Routing

JSB025-2 Undercarriage Bolt Life

JSB026-1 Adjustable Rudder Pedals

JSB027-1 Control Cable Clamp Inspection

JSB028-1 4 Seat / 2 Seat Conversion

JSB029-2 Handling Upgrade

JSB030-2 LSA Category Weight Limitations

JSB031-3 Jabiru 2200 & 3300 Engines in Flight Training

JSB032-1 Model Conversions – J160 / J170 Interchange

JSB033-1 Piston Circlips

JSB037-1 Wing Attachment Bolts

JSB038-1 Jabiru Composite Propeller

JSB040-2 Jabiru Mechanical Fuel Pump

JSB041-1 Jabiru Elevator Cable

JSB042-1 Jabiru Aileron Control Tube

JSB044-1 Jabiru Control Hinge Inspection

JSBA3 Fuel System Cleaning - Now Cancelled

JSBA4 Elevator Travel Check

8A035A0D-1 Dip Sticks

Rotor Arms

Sensenich Propeller Service Bulletin 10-07-21

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